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Hearing FAQs

Hearing loss affects one in five Canadians, however, only 12% of them actually wear hearing aids according to this study by Stats Canada. So why don’t more people actually take action on their hearing loss? Here are some common hearing aid myths that could be holding you back from addressing… Read More
Ever wondered how loud is TOO loud? Workplace noise or even loud sounds that you hear every day can have a cumulative effect on your hearing. MJ DeSousa, Connect Hearing audiologist and Director of Professional Practice, explains how you can protect your hearing from every day noise.Remember to… Read More
Yes, we certainly do! We hear this question in our clinics often. Connect Hearing clinics are full-service hearing centres.For people who are experiencing the common symptoms of hearing loss and haven't yet taken the first step, we provide a full hearing evaluation, explain the results, recommend… Read More
Booking a hearing test at a Connect Hearing clinic can be done online, by calling 1-800-563-4327 (HEAR) or by calling or visiting a clinic. MJ DeSousa explains the simple process to taking that important first step: A physician's referral is not required. Please bring a… Read More
The following daily maintenance routines will help you get the best performance and value from your behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids. It only takes a few minutes a day and will extend the life of your hearing aids.Wipe your earmold daily with a moist cleansing wipe or tissue. Check the… Read More
Daily maintenance of hearing aids is quick, easy and will extend the life of your hearing aids. Follow these tips to keep your custom fit hearing aids clean. Custom fit varieties include in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC) and completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids.Wipe daily with a moist… Read More
Following these daily tips will help you to maintain your open fit (OTE) or Canal Receiver Technology (CRT) hearing aids, to improve their performance and extent their life.If your hearing aid has a dome, this should be replaced every few months or as directed by your hearing care… Read More
Hearing aids are an investment in your future. In just minutes a day, you can extend the life of your hearing aid with the following daily maintenance routines:Avoid contact with hair spray or make-up as body care products may block microphone openings, the volume control or program… Read More
Hearing aid technology advances more quickly with each passing year. New hearing aids are small, discreet and have features to improve hearing in many communication situations. Connect Hearing's Director of Professional Practice, MJ DeSousa, explains more: Read More
We are often asked about ear candling as a way to clean ears. Does it work, and do you really even need to clean your ears? We do recommend that anyone who is concerned about their hearing or feels they may need wax removed from their ears consult a Hearing Care Professional for a thorough… Read More

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