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Hearing Aid Feature of the Month - Unitron Quantum

Each month we try to sift through the hearing aid clutter and present to our readers a special feature on one of our most popular hearing aids we offer at Connect Hearing. This month we are highlighting the very popular Quantum model from Unitron. Unitron Quantum hearing Aids

The Unitron Quantum is a new generation of fully automatic hearing instruments. These hearing aids continuously monitor your listening situations and adjusts it's settings automatically to provide speech clarity and comfort in any situation.

The Quantum comes in a variety of styles and colours with four distinct technology levels including the 6, 12, 20 and Pro models. The key advantages of the Quantum are:

  • Special phone feature that allows you to hear the callers voice in both ears without the need of a separate accessory
  • Premium wireless stereo sound can be transmitted from your tv right to your hearing aids
  • Program and volume adjustments can be made to both hearing aids at the same time
  • Connects wirelessly with many devices including MP3 players, cell phones and FM systems

The Quantum is also compatible with a number of great accessories including:

Here are a couple of Quantum testimonials you should look into if you are interested in these excellent hearing aids. Also, if you want to know more about the Unitron Quantum or any other types of hearing aids you can book a complimentary appointment with any of our over 100 Connect Hearing clinics in Canada.

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