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Hearing Health Tip of the Day - Bring a Friend or Family Member

Do you have a friend or family member who talks too much? He or she could be an asset when it comes to testing your hearing — and not only for moral support. Bringing a friend or loved one to your hearing consultation will actually help with the assessment!

Here's how:

  • A familiar voice can be used as a "test" voice during your evaluation, especially if that voice often complains about your hearing loss.
  •  There is quite a bit of information being discussed at your appointment and having someone take notes is very helpful.
  • Sometimes a friend or family member can help answer the questions or provide additional details on your hearing loss.
  • By bringing someone to your appointment, they will get a better understanding of what you are going through and how to help.

Did you know that hearing loss can affect those around you:

As an added bonus, your companion may take the time to have his or her own complimentary hearing test with Connect Hearing.

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