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How Seniors are Combating Hearing Loss

Seniors who decide to join the fight against hearing loss often start by taking three important steps.

1. First, they admit they have a hearing problem. Fighting Hearing Loss

Usually that acceptance comes through the compassionate communications made to them by family members and friends. Unfortunately, people with hearing loss wait an average of seven years before seeking treatment for the condition.

2. They take action and get help.

The tragedy of the seven-year average wait before seeking treatment is that hearing loss can be curtailed if it is diagnosed early. It’s natural to be scared, especially when you’re dealing with a health issue, and many people associate medical visits with bad news, so they put off their first hearing test. But here’s the good news — a hearing specialist can properly diagnose the problem, prescribe the correct treatment for your condition,and then come up with a plan to help.

3. Lastly, knowledge is power and the best weapon you have in the battle against hearing loss is information.

Read the Connect Hearing Blog for the latest information on hearing loss, medical breakthroughs, and aids. More seniors than ever are overcoming hearing loss by understanding what the problem is, and the best ways to combat it.

Book your complimentary hearing test at the Connect Hearing clinic closest to you and stay connected to the sounds and people you love.

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