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How to Talk to an Older Person About Hearing Loss

What's the best way to bring up the topic of hearing loss to a senior citizen?

Usually, the person in question is a close friend or family member. You may have seen this person dealing with hearing loss and it may be evident that the individual isn’t only having a difficult timeTalking About Hearing Loss picking up sounds, but may also be dealing with feelings of embarrassment, humiliation, fear or loneliness.

Some people will be more approachable and receptive than others, and some might even become impatient or angry. While recognizing that every person is different, most people appreciate an understanding, respectful yet no-nonsense approach to uncomfortable topics. Be gentle but direct — make it clear that you recognize there may be hearing loss, that you're concerned for their health and safety, that you have information available for them and that you’re there for them through the process of seeking help.

The first step is to arm yourself with as much information as possible and remember — you’re not alone. More than 3 million Canadians — several of them luminaries — have successfully dealt with their hearing loss. Book your complimentary hearing test today and improve the quality of your life.

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