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Five Hearing Friendly Romantic Valentine’ s Day Excursions

The last person in the world you want to be on Valentine's Day is the person who doesn't have a plan. Nobody wants to be one of those poor, hapless souls lining up in the flower shop just before closing Hearing Healthy Excursions Connect Hearinghoping to purchase that last, lonely, pitiful carnation.

One idea is to plan a romantic excursion that will surprise and inspire and there are many ideas available. That being said, there are a number of things you probably want to accomplish with your trip. First, you want to express your love and admiration for your significant other. You also want to be creative, daring, exciting and unique. It's also important to keep in mind that safety is important – including hearing health – so you want to do something that won't be too loud and damage your ears.

Above all, you want to be able to spend quality time with the person and listen to what they have to say. If you've ever had the misfortune of trying to communicate in a noisy club or restaurant, you know what we mean.

There are several wonderful romantic Valentine's Day ideas, but not all of them are safe for your ears. Connect Hearing has also warned about the danger of loud sports stadiums and the entertainment industry, so you probably won't find many quiet Valentine excursions there.

Hearing loss is big problem in Canada and around the world, which is one reason why we encourage people to visit our clinics for a free hearing test.

Jon Waterhouse, Manager of Professional Practice for Connect Hearing Canada says part of the fun on Valentine's Day is being able to spend quality time with the person you care about, and being able to listen to what they are saying without having to yell.

“Spending quality time with your Valentine is really the point of the day. You want it to be romantic, but you also want it to be safe experience. Too many people don't consider hearing health when planning romantic getaways,” says Waterhouse. “Valentine's Day doesn't have to be loud music or noisy events. It can be getting back to nature. It can be meditation. Believe it or not, a romantic hearing-safe Valentine's Day escape can be simply walking hand in hand at the mall.”

Connect Hearing Canada has come up with five quiet excursions that we hope will make this Valentine's Day a romantic and warm experience for you and your number one.

Road Trip:

Get on the road to anywhere! Discuss the destination beforehand, or surprise the person you love with a journey they will never forget. The destination can be to any place you want to see – a lovely resort or an outdoor adventure, for example. The beautiful thing about a road trip is the journey can be just as much fun as the destination itself. Play your favourite CD's at a low setting and use the time to talk, enjoy each others company, and see new and exciting things along the way.


Skiing, skating and snowshoeing:

Speaking of outdoor winter excursions, one of your road trip adventures could also be healthy one as well. The only sounds you will hear – besides laughter and sounds of nature – are the familiar swish skiis make when they whisk by you, or the gentle crush of snowshoes. Some of Canada's favourite places for winter sports are Mont-Tremblant, Whistler Blackcomb, Blue Mountain and Revelstoke.

Skating is always fun for couples, but one of the best times for a skate is in the evening, which can be a gentle, calming activity right before a nice meal.

Spa treatment:

The spa treatment is one of the most relaxing – and hearing friendly - things that two people can do together. Select a treatment that you like, listen to soft music, and let the hands of a professional masseuse peel your stress away.

Farmer's market:

While it may not seem like a romantic stop, trust us when we tell you that it can be. The farmer's market can be a great place for two people to explore and discover fresh, delicious food – and each other. Pick up some ingredients, head home and with soft, relaxing music playing in the background and create a meal together, capped by a romantic evening.

Couple's cooking classes:

On the topic of romantic evenings with a “foodie twist”, consider a cooking class or demonstration. Many cities, grocery and liquor stores – as well as some farmer's markets – offer cooking classes. There are also cooking classes available for couples. For those who would prefer to keep the kitchen in an unused state on Valentine's Day, this is a pretty good option. Cooking classes are a great way for couples to connect, have fun and learn together in a safe environment.

However you choose to celebrate on February 14th, we hope you will make the two biggest loves in your life the highest priority – your Valentine and your hearing.

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