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Let’s Celebrate National Seniors Day

Seniors Day An Opportunity To Reflect On Joys Of Hearing Health

October 1 is National Seniors Day.

Since 1991 the nations of the world have recognized this day, bringing awareness of the efforts the elderly have made in building a better planet as well as spotlighting the issues of greatest concern to them.

For us at Connect Hearing Canada, it's an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for the many ways senior citizens enrich our lives and make our country stronger.

“Seniors give so much to our community, and it's our wish that they are getting as much support as possible,” says Jon Waterhouse, Manager of Professional Practice for Connect Hearing Canada. “On this National Seniors Day I can't stress enough how proud I am of Canada's seniors.”

One way that we want to support seniors is by encouraging them to visit one of our clinics for a free hearing test.

Our ability to hear is simply one of the most important gifts we have and we want to make sure that seniors are able to enjoy it.

According to Healthy Hearing, over 60% of Americans over age 70 are dealing with hearing loss. The Canadian Hearing Society estimates that in Canada more than 60% of seniors over the age of 65 have a hearing loss. The World Health Organization says approximately one-third of people over 65 years of age are affected by disabling hearing loss. The prevalence in this age group is greatest in South Asia, Asia Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa.

It's because of statistics like these why we feel it's important to celebrate Canadian seniors who have continued to be leaders in the fight to put hearing loss in the history books. There are many reasons for seniors to make hearing health a priority:

1. Emergencies and warnings are detected earlier. From car horns to bicycle bells to fire alarms, the ability to hear warnings can make all the difference.

2. Family and friends have an easier time hearing you. One of the toughest things for loved ones is to have a conversation with a senior citizen who they know can't understand them. It's tragic not to hear the laughter of your grandchildren, or miss out on a joke because of hearing loss. This of course can lead to emotional problems, social withdrawal and depression. Many seniors have refused to let this happen by visiting us, asking questions and getting a free hearing test.

3. Education, job and volunteer opportunities: Senior citizens have always been leaders in the community. Hearing loss can get in the way of landing jobs, volunteering at church, or feeling part of the community.

“I want to stress that senior citizens in this country have shown great leadership in the fight against hearing loss. In fact, we are seeing more seniors than ever before not just visit our clinics for hearing tests but also bring friends who they think may need attention as well,” says Waterhouse. “Seniors are some of the toughest people I've ever encountered. They know that hearing loss is by no means a pleasant situation, but seniors also realize it's something they don't need to be afraid of. The result is seniors are enjoying optimum hearing health, living independently and enhancing the quality of their lives.”

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