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The Latest in Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology continues to amaze and inspire every day.

In the last 20 years hearing aids have gone through several changes and innovations that have improved their ability to help users overcome communications problems and stay connected to the sounds they love. One of the biggest developments by far has been in the move from analog to digital.Hearing Aid Technology

Manufacturers have invested millions of dollars into research and development, with most of that money going toward improving the quality of sound, especially from greater distances or in crowded rooms.

Dr. Torsten Niederdränk, an acoustics expert who, in the course of several positions, has shepherded the development of hearing instrument technology at Siemens says on that manufacturer's website: “Today’s hearing aid systems are like extremely compact computers that break up sound waves into various frequency ranges and then reconstruct them into an acoustic pattern that is aligned with the patient’s individual auditory ability.”

But it’s not just about performance. Today, there is a push to make hearing aids less visible..

One interesting development is the Envoy Esteem the world’s first FDA-approved totally implantable hearing device, which is inserted under the skin behind the ear and in the middle ear space. 

This solves several problems including discomfort, wax build-up and feedback. Check out this video below:

Be sure to book your free hearing test with the Connect Hearing clinic nearest to you. It's how you can stay connected to the sounds and people you love!

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