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Top 10 Ear-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays





Connect Hearing lists the items you should give to be good to the ears

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA (November 30, 2012) — This holiday season, be good to ears. Yours and those belonging to the people you love. That's the message from Connect Hearing, Canada's largest network of hearing-health clinics.

For 2012, Connect Hearing has come up with the Top 10 Gifts for Healthy Hearing:

1. Silence — It's as rare as anything golden these days. What would the gift of silence look like, and more importantly where would you find it? Connect Hearing suggests using your imagination to help you find it. "Make your own gift certificates and give them as a stocking stuffer, allowing your receiver to 'cash' them in for one hour of silence or maybe a full day. That may mean giving them the day to themselves to rest without the distracting sounds of TV or noisy toys or vacuum cleaners," says MJ DeSousa, Connect Hearing's Director of Professional Practice. "Gifts that are creative and heartfelt are always the best — and if that doesn't work, you can always look to item No. 2 on our list!"

2. Spa Day — Tranquility can be found in the serene settings of spas. There are many outstanding ones around Canada. Find the one that best suits your budget and your loved one's tastes and you're sure to delight with this gift.

3. Library Card — Our public libraries still honour peace and quiet. If there is one place in a city where you can find silence, it's here, among books and the studious types who pour over them. If your loved one doesn't have a library card, or perhaps hasn't used it in a while, this Christmas might be a time to get them back into the habit.

4. Ear Muffs — They're stylish, they're fashionable and they're perfect for keeping your ears protected from the cold and the harsh effects of winter weather. Ear muffs are available at most retail stores that sell hats and winter clothing.

5. A New Car — But not a Hummer … As long as it's a hybrid or electric vehicle, it will reduce noise by a significant amount. Those types of vehicles are quieter at ignition and during the course of driving. They're also the priciest item on this list — by far.

6. The World's Quietest Keyboard — Matias Corporation, based in Toronto, has developed what it calls the "world's quietest mechanical keyboard." The Quiet Pro works with Mac and PC computers and sells for about $150.

7. Vitamins and Supplements — Several foods, vitamins and supplements help to combat hearing loss. They include Vitamin E, alpa lipoid acid and coenzyme Q10, among others. Find out what your loved one is or isn't taking, and speak to a health and nutrition store consultant to determine which might be the best product for a gift.

8. A New Hearing Aid — If someone on your list is already a hearing-aid user, you should be sure to check out the latest devices, some of which offer phenomenal improvement over their predecessors. "At Connect Hearing, we have noticed amazing strides being made in hearing-aid technology. The new hearing aids are stylish and work so brilliantly that our customers routinely say having them improves their life in dramatic ways," DeSousa says.

9. Noise-Dampening Headphones — Let's face it, no amount of research or advice about the potentially harmful effects of excessive headphone use is going to stop consumers from listening to their iPods. So, why not make those headphones the least damaging to his or her health as possible? There are several high-end noise-dampening headphones on the market and most will allow more comfortable and pleasurable listening.

10. Ear Plugs — A box of these and instructions on how and when to use them will make a thoughtful stocking stuffer.

Another idea is a complimentary hearing screening at any of Connect Hearing's 112 clinics across Canada. Visit for the location nearest to you.

For more on holiday suggestions, see Connect Hearing's list of Top 5 Ear Plug-Worthy Gifts.

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