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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthy Hearing - #10 Wear Earplugs


In celebration of the New Year we are encouraging Canadians to make 2013 the year to take care of their hearing health. In doing so, through the month of January we will share our top 10 New Year's resolutions for healthy hearing.

Starting our list is an item that should be part of anyone's everyday habits these days.

#10 Resolution for Healthy Hearing: Wear Earplugs

They're inexpensive, they're practical, they're easy to find and they do more to protect your hearing in everyday situations than just about any thing.

Earplugs should be as essential an item to have on you as your wallet. If you live in a big city, put them on when you approach a construction site and you'll give your ears much-needed protection when they encounter a spike in decibel levels.

If you're in more rural or suburban areas, loud vehicles and high winds won't be as disruptive if you've got a pair of earplugs handy. You can find a package of earplugs for less than $5 at most pharmacies or drug stores, but you should drop into the Connect Hearing Clinic nearest to you to learn more about what the best type of earplugs are for you.

"If you have vision issues, you wouldn't leave home without your glasses or contact lenses. The same should apply to earplugs and hearing devices," says MJ DeSousa our Director of Professional Practice.

Here is a quick video on the different types of earplugs available:

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