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Top 10 Sounds of Summer From Around the World: Championship Golf to Soccer Mayhem

Sports captivate our eyes and often elicit some choice words from our throats. Now and then, though, we see something so spectacular on the playing field that we hush in awe. As we continue to list some of the world's Top Sounds of Summer, we look to the worlds of golf and soccer. In each post we are making in our series, we list a quiet attraction and a more boisterous one. Here is the third of five instalments.

Politeness of the PGA Golf

Phil Mickelson just won the Open Championship (formerly the British Open) and did it among one of the most reverent crowds in the sport. Mickelson's win took place at historic Muirfield in Scotland, one of the most hallowed courses in golf. No matter where golfers tee off, however, crowds are polite and quiet, giving the golfers the opportunity to focus on their shots. An atmosphere unheard of in other sports, particularly basketball where crowds are encouraged to distract free-throw shooters.

Soccer's Maddening Vuvuzela

During the 2010 World Cup, the planet became acquainted with the pestering noise of the instrument called a vuvuzela that is played relentlessly during games in South Africa and elsewhere on the continent. The vuvuzela has been exported to other soccer-playing parts of the globe as well and may even turn up in Brazil, site of the 2014 World Cup. A long horn that looks like a trumpet, the vuvuzela is often made of plastic and the sound it makes is similar to a buzz of a swarm of wasps. If you come across it, clap your ears, for the protection of your hearing and your sanity.

Previously, we looked at these Ying and Yang in terms of summer sounds:

1. Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong and Disneyland in Orlando, Florida

2. Edinburgh Book Festival and Benicassim Music Festival

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