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Top 6 Communication Tips If Your Partner is Wearing Hearing Aids



Sometimes we really like to address frequently asked questions from our customers. This week we had a great question about communication tips that our Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Registered Audiologist Stephanie MacLeod answered below:

I wear my hearing aids every day but I still have trouble hearing my wife at home sometimes.  Do you have any advice?

Hearing aids can improve hearing greatly but cannot restore perfect hearing. Everyone must understand this and agree to basic rules for effective communication. Here are suggestions for your communication partner:

  1. Get the hearing aid wearer's attention before speaking.
  2.  Stand no more than one meter from the hearing aid wearer.
  3.  Speak more slowly to allow for slower speech processing.
  4.  Be aware of lighting conditions. Your face must be visible for speech reading.
  5.  Be alert to interfering background noise and reduce or eliminate it.
     Rephrase rather than repeat a sentence when not heard the first time.

Great advice Stephanie! Stay tuned next month as we take look the other side of the coin and provide tips for the hearing aid wearer.

If you have any other questions feel free to comment below or call the nearest Connect Hearing clinic in your area.

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