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Top Sounds of Summer - Have an \“Aaaah\” Moment This Summer

The sound of relaxation is one Canadians everywhere emit during the summer. It can be in the backyard while sitting in your favourite deck chair, or while soaking in a pool, or lounging on the grass at a neighbourhood park. For many Canadians, the summer is a time for immersing in restful activities. Enjoying peaceful pursuits has many healthful benefits. Not only does kicking back keep calm the mind and give you time to recharge for work or school, it aids all of your senses to escape from stress.

"Finding time to get away from urban environments that are often filled with aggravating sounds that can lead to noise-induced hearing loss is a sure way to maintain hearing health," says MJ DeSousa, our Director of Professional Practice. "It often doesn't cost a thing to find time for yourself in a quiet space and the benefits can be invaluable to staying connected to the sounds you love throughout your life."

There are many "Aaaaah" moments to be had in the second half of 2013. Be sure to get out and enjoy as many as you can.

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