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Top Sounds of Summer - Are PEI’s \“Pings\” a Hearing Hazard?

One of Canada's premier golfing destinations is Prince Edward Island. There are more than two dozen courses in and around Charlottetown, the province's capital city. Those courses are a key to PEI's tourism, accounting for more than $100 million in economic activity each year. From Crowbush Cove to Fox Meadow to Eagles Glenn and Dundarave, PEI is graced with immaculate courses and astonishing scenery. Golf is a treat for the eyes, but it can be a workout for the rest of the body. Recently, studies have shown that the sport can also be hazardous to your ears.

"The new titanium drivers used by so many golfers can emit a sound that is like a sonic boom," our Director of Professional Practice MJ DeSousa says. "Golfers need to realize that with all of the new high-tech equipment comes a need for added precaution, as well."

Tee shots hit with the newer breed of driver often cause a very loud ping, which can linger in the eardrums for several seconds. The cumulative effect of those pings can be noise-induced hearing loss. Golf is often considered one of the most leisurely and risk-free sports out there, but like so many other activities in life it requires earplugs to ensure you stay connected to the sounds and people you love.

For more information about how to protect yourself from hearing loss and the activities that can cause hearing damage, visit a Connect Hearing clinic today.

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