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Unitron Moxi™ Fit Provides Fantastic Hearing Solutions

For many people who are dealing with hearing loss one of the greatest challenges is being able to pick up sounds through crowd or background noise.

One product that is making a difference is the Unitron  MoxiTM Fit hearing aid. Headquartered in Canada, Unitron is a global company that works closely with hearing healthcare professionals to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. A member of the Sonova Group,

Unitron develops hearing innovations that provide natural sound with exceptional speech understanding.

Unitron has addressed the issue of distracting noise with the award winning MoxiFit hearing aid which combines a modern style with intuitive functionality and says in a media release that it provides wearers with a sound experience that is as ‘natural’ as possible in multiple listening situations. Unitron’s SpeechZone™ technology will actually detect speech coming from any direction and zero in so it keeps the user in the conversation.

Unitron MoxiTM Fit explains in the release that hearing loss is not like listening to sounds with the volume turned down. Instead, certain spoken sounds – like sh, th and f – are more difficult to hear than others – and this makes conversations hard and social situations intimidating. The majority of those surveyed stated that when exposed to considerable background noise they can hear something being spoken but cannot understand what is actually being said.

The reason for this is high pitched tones of speech are mainly responsible for hearing things accurately. As we begin to deal with hearing loss, these high-pitched tones are no longer perceived well and we struggle to comprehend speech, especially in noisy situations.

“For people dealing with hearing loss, picking up sounds in crowded areas or in situations where there is a lot of background noise is the number one complaint,” says Jon Waterhouse, Manager of Professional Practice for Connect Hearing Canada, who encourages people to visit a clinic for a free hearing test.

“I'm really excited to see these innovations in hearing technology and I have no doubt that it will be of great benefit to people all over the world.”

Unitron MoxiTM Fit automatically adjusts, so you can easily hear and participate in conversations against a range of background noises, from a busy street, to a restaurant, to a quiet dinner for two at home. Additional advanced features ‘cushion’ a wearer from multiple background noise disturbances and eliminate discomfort caused by sudden noises, such as a door slamming.

"As with all our product design, our goal with Moxi Fit was to remove patient barriers, specifically through Moxi's established reputation for style, comfort and easy functionality," said Andre de Goeij, Unitron's Director of Product Management and Product Marketing in this press release.

"It is a testament to our user-centric design philosophy that Moxi Fit was recognized for achieving that rare feat of providing intuitive user control without compromising size or beauty."

Interested in finding out more? People can register for a no-obligation demonstration of the new MoxFit hearing aid by calling 888-408-7377. Or better yet, stop by a Connect Hearing clinic and discover first-hand how the MoxiFit hearing aid can help you.

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