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How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids work by amplifying sound.

  • A microphone picks up sound, such a bird chirping, and converts it into an electrical signal which is sent to an amplifier.
  • The volume is increased by the amplifier.
  • Next, a receiver changes the electrical signal back into sound which is sent into the ear.
  • The hair cells in the inner ear convert the sound vibrations into nerve signals which are picked up by the brain.

Hearing aids work with your brain.

If sounds in certain frequencies are no longer forwarded to the brain then the brain gradually forgets how to interpret these sounds. Hearing aids will pick up sounds your brain hasn’t processed in a while. It can take time to get used to this – up to 12 weeks depending upon your hearing loss. One of the functions of hearing aids is to act as a kind of "trainer" for the brain in order to regain lost hearing. Soft and high-pitched tones can be audible once more and specific sounds and shades of meaning can be distinguished.

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