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Phonak Audeo V

Phonak Audeo V

Based on the new Venture platform launched in late 2014, the Audeo V provides clear speech understanding in listening environments encountered every day. With twice the processing power of previous models, like Audeo Q and Audeo S, and up to 30% less battery consumption, this new Phonak chip technology provides customers with maximum quality and convenience.

A Seamless Listening Experience

The Phonak Audeo V hearing aid family runs on AutoSense OS, the "central brain" of the new Phonak hearing aids. It captures and analyzes incoming sound, automatically matching the sound environment and providing the best setting (choosing from over 200!) with no manual adjustments.

Do you enjoy chatting with friends in a noisy cafe or restaurant? It is now possible with Audeo V, as it will automatically zoom in on a single voice in a noisy environment, improving speech intelligibility using the Speech in Loud Noise program.

Want to have a discussion in a noisy car while driving to work? The Audeo V will create a stable listening environment using the Speech in Car program.

The Audeo V is available in four newly designed styles at several performance levels. All are wireless, and take advantage of the latest technology for long-term performance and durability.

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