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Unitron Stride

Unitron Stride

Stride is Unitron’s latest family of BTE (behind-the-ear) and ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aids. With many styles and colors to choose from, Stride can answer essentially every patient need. Stride hearing aids are built on Unitron’s North platform – designed to increase patient-satisfaction and improve conversations in many different listening environments.

The Stride hearing aids provide amazing natural sound quality thanks to a variety of technologies, including:

  • SoundNav – automatically identifies different environments
  • Sound Conductor – dynamically balances features for unique listening environments
  • SpeechZone / SpeechZone 2 – automatically engages in difficult listening situations and extreme background noise

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Stride: Patient-Centric Design

With a strong focus on patient-centric design, Stride comes in many different forms to suit your specific needs:

BTE: Behind-the-Ear

Stride M
This 312 BTE features high power and a telecoil

Stride P
2016 reddot award winning BTE features the new wireless 13 battery and dual controls

Stride P Dura
Moister resistance and enhanced durability define this stylish BTE

ITE: In-the-Ear

Stride ITEs have been totally redesigned with a focus on comfort, style, and performance. ITE models feature: SpeechZone 2 with 360 degree speech detection, push buttons, plasma coating, reduced moisture and debris, as well as redesigned volume control and much more!

Unitron’s floating antennae allows for size reduction by up to 25% without sacrificing performance. With Stride, Unitron has produced a new 10A wireless directional model – smaller than ever before! 

ITE models include:

  • Stride Pro
  • Stride 800
  • Stride 700
  • Stride 600
  • Stride 500

Features & Technology

Additional Stride features include:

  • SoundNav – Automatically identifies and classifies seven different environments
  • Sound Conductor – Dynamically balances features for each unique listening environment to keep sound quality natural
  • SpeechZone, SpeechZone 2 - Automatically zones in on speech in tough listening situations without manual adjustments
  • Frequency Compression – Compresses and shifts sounds into an audible range for fuller range of sounds
  • Automatic Adaption Manager – Comfortably transitions amplification to support optimum speech understanding
  • Binaural Phone – Wirelessly streams from cell phone or landing directly to ear without separate accessories
  • Pinna Effect – Recreates pinna’s natural acoustics for true-to-life directionality
  • AntiShock – Preserves speech clarity by mitigating sudden impulse noises without completely removing sounds

Find Your Stride

Shopping for Hearing Aids is so much easier with professional help! The best way to determine the right device for you or your loved ones is to get a free hearing assessment. Work with one of Connect Hearing’s audiologists or certified Hearing Instrument Practitioners at a hearing clinic near you

Stride Pricing

The Stride family includes BTE and ITE hearing aids across a wide spectrum of technology levels and models, from entry level to premium. With Connect Hearing, no matter which model of hearing aid is right for you, we provide comprehensive service through SoundCare Assurance aftercare program as well as flexible payment options through our Advantage Payment Plan. Finally, our Price Match Guarantee gives you peace of mind when shopping for the right fit.

Not only does Connect Hearing offer Price Match Guarantee and 0% Financing Options, but you also receive these additional benefits:

  • 3 - 5 years of free batteries depending on technology level, $400 value
  • Free annual checkups $100 yearly value
  • Free, regular cleanings $100 yearly value
  • Exclusive CAA member discounts up to 15%

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