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Written Hearing Test

In most cases hearing loss develops over a long period of time. Therefore, it often takes a while before the symptoms are identified. Are any of the following situations familiar to you?

Please check the boxes for the situations that apply. (The information you supply is completely anonymous and will not be stored.)

I sometimes feel that people are not speaking clearly (mumbling).

When people address me from behind or from a few feet away, I have difficulty understanding them.

I have difficulty understanding people in meetings or group discussions.

In situations with a high noise level, e.g. in restaurants, at parties or at the airport, I have difficulty understanding other people.

I find it hard to hear birds singing, footsteps, running water, and other soft everyday sounds.

I sometimes fail to hear the doorbell or telephone.

I turn the television or radio up louder than other people. When someone else controls the volume, I have problems understanding.

Other people have told me that I don't hear well.


If you answer Yes to any of these questions, we recommend a complimentary hearing consultation with a Connect Hearing professional. They can review the communication situations in which you may have challenges hearing and discuss options and solutions with you.

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