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Colin Tells His Story of Better Hearing

After a conversation with his 76 year-old aunt, who told him his hearing was worse than hers, Colin made the decision to come to Connect Hearing in 2004.

Interesting, articulate, and bringing a engineer’s perspective to things, Colin’s filmed interview revealed some technical aspects to our award-winning products that we’re sure many of our potential clients will find very informative.

Ultimately though, Colin’s reasons for “staying connected” to the sounds around him weren’t technical at all, but instead, very much close to home. The joy of hearing the laughter and even the whispers of his kids… that’s the moment Colin became a Connect Hearing “believer.”

You may be dealing with hearing loss if:

- People are getting frustrated repeating themselves for you
- You're not engaged and have difficulty concentrating in group conversations
- You have trouble hearing at work both in and out of the office
- You are missing simple everyday sounds like birds singing, running water or your car keys jingling

If any of these situations sound familiar to you or someone you know, take the next step: fill out the form on the right to request a complimentary hearing evaluation today, or find a clinic near you.

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