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Ghoulish Ear Grown in Lab

Ears are being grown by scientists, and just in time for Halloween!

Don’t worry - these ears are nothing to be afraid of and these scientists aren’t mad. Earlier this year, the UK Telegraph reported that an ear had been successfully grown in a lab using 3D computers.

At our hearing clinics across the country, we support people with complimentary hearing tests to help guard against hearing loss, something that affects one out of three people over the age of 65. But we’re also a resource for those who have survived accidents or crime, and also children born with malformed ears.

It’s difficult to live with an ear disfigurement – especially for young people and fortunately, several options exist on the market for prosthetic ears (the Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic being one example), but with this recent breakthrough, people could potentially have eEar Grown in Labars “grown” for them.

"We've demonstrated the first full-sized adult human ear on the rat model," Dr. Thomas Cervantes, who led the study, told BBC News in July.

"One - we were able to keep the shape of the ear, after 12 weeks of growth in the rat. And then secondly we were also able to keep the natural flexibility of the cartilage."

Research into bioengineered organs is progressing quickly. Check out this video below and sound off in the comments section regarding your thoughts on 3D printing human body parts.

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