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Understanding Hearing Loss

It’s a fact of life that over the years, and for many reasons, our hearing can diminish. Medications, genetics and repeated exposure to loud noise can all impact our hearing so that even people speaking clearly can sound like they’re mumbling.

Common causes of hearing loss are medication, noise exposure and genetics

Because there are many reasons for hearing loss, each person’s experience is individual. To understand how your hearing health is impacting you we:

  • Review your hearing health history.
  • Otological (dealing with the ear) history, noise exposure and general health.
  • Ask you about the communication situations that you’d like to improve.
    For example, some want to hear better in individual or group conversations while others may need improved hearing in restaurants, meetings or at home watching television.
  • Conduct a professional hearing test.

After going through these steps we will understand your individual hearing loss and can recommend a solution that fits your lifestyle, needs and budget.

Degrees of Hearing Loss

The degree of hearing loss also varies with each individual. Your Connect Hearing professional may discuss the following categories of hearing loss with you as a general guideline:

  • Mild hearing loss: soft sounds are difficult to hear. Understanding speech is difficult in a loud environment.
  • Moderate hearing loss: soft and moderately loud sounds are difficult to hear. Understanding speech becomes very difficult if background noise is present
  • Severe hearing loss: conversations have to be conducted loudly. Group conversations are possible only with a lot of effort.
  • Profound hearing loss: some very loud sounds are heard. Without hearing aids, communication is no longer possible, even with intense effort.

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