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Give the Gift of Hearing for the Holidays

People who are dealing with hearing loss can still enjoy music. According toThe Gift of Music Statistics Canada  more than one million adults across the country reported having a hearing-related disability (StatsCan, 2002). This is why we have always encouraged people to get free hearing tests because we believe that everyone should be able to stay connected to the sounds they love, including music. 

If you’re looking for music-themed gift ideas for someone with hearing loss, check out Action on Hearing Loss. This UK site has several ideas, including:

Another site for gift ideas is Items on this site include hearing aid batteries, movie tickets to a digital theatre and an iTunes gift card. says movies rented and purchased through the iTunes store now have captioning services that come with the file. 

Another great gift idea? As part of our 4Ears campaign, we will donate funds tConnect Hearing 4Ears Charityo provide hearing healthcare to children in support of the Hear the World Foundation until December 31, 2013. To participate in this initiative, simply visit the Connect Hearing clinic nearest to you for a complimentary hearing test. We will donate funds to the 4Ears program each time an adult in Canada gets a hearing test.

Now what can be a better gift than that?

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