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Hearing Health Tip of the Day - Embrace the Silent Treatment

Your brain, your heart and your muscles all need rest. This may come as a surprise but so do your ears.

Exposure to noise, or even unwanted sounds is more than just a threat to our hearing. Studies have indicated that noise negatively affects cognitive development, social behaviour and learning. It has also been linked to problems with sleep, blood pressure and digestion.

Here is a good rule for listening to your MP3 player – the 60/60 rule. Listen for a maximum 60 minutes at 60% volume then take a break. Ears that rest have time to recover and are less likely to be damaged.

During Better Hearing and Speech Month in May, relax in silence. Your ears will thank you in the long run!

In the spirit of silence and relaxation let's embrace Simon and Garfunkle's excellent song - Sound of Silence:

Feel like you may not have given your ears enough rest? Visit a Connect Hearing clinic in your area for a complimentary hearing screening.

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