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New Marvel Super Hero Created for Hearing Impaired Boy


As a new dad and long-time comic book fan I was really impressed with this story about Marvel Comics creating a new Hearing impaired super hero based on the likeness of 4-year old Anthony Smith who suffers from hearing loss in New Hampshire.

Here is a link to the article from CBS news here.

The creation of the hearing aid wearing character began when Anthony's mother wrote to Marvel to inquire if there are any heroes who wear hearing aids.

This made Bill Rosemann, Marvel editor decide to create a hero that will make Anthony feel good about wearing his hearing aid.

The new hero "Blue Ear" has a distinctive listening device that gives him supersonic hearing. How cool is that!

Click on the image to view a video on this story.

By the way, this is our 50th blog post! That is quite a milestone for our team here at Connect Hearing. Congratulations everyone and thanks to all the "Super Heroes" on our social media team.

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