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Phonak Provides Free Hearing Devices for Athletes


According to the Sacramento Bee, Phonak is partnering up with the Special Olympics, Congressman Jim Ryun, and the Healthy Hearing Initiative Program to bring some much needed awareness to the hearing loss industry.

Although you might not expect it, being able to hear the roar of the crowd, the energy in a coach’s voice and the feedback from judges, teammates, and competitors alike can have a substantial impact on an athlete’s performance. Despite this fact, most of the athletes at the Special Olympics who are in need of a hearing device will never get one due to a lack of testing and health insurance coverage needed to afford any sort of hearing device.

Thanks to Phonak and Congressman Ryun, this is all about to change. During local Special Olympic Events, free onsite hearing tests will be performed, and anyone who is in need of a hearing device will be directed to an Audiologist who will provide FREE hearing aids courtesy of Phonak.  

Thanks to everyone’s support, the Healthy Hearing Initiative is getting some much deserved attention and spotlight on their good deeds and willingness to help the hearing impaired community.  We can all do our part by encouraging those around us with hearing loss to get tested. And remember, a hearing test with Connect Hearing is free, so call us today to book your appointment.

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