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Top 5 Earplug-Worthy Gifts: #2 Musical Instruments

Day 2 of our look at the Top 5 Earplug-Worthy Holiday Gifts is an easy one. Guitars, drums, electronic drum kits, keyboards, horns and the like are certain to be among the best-loved gifts someone receives this holiday season. However, musical instruments bring with them a hearing health risk that you, as the gift giver, will want to consider.

Whether the musicians in your life are just starting out or have been at it for years, their ears will appreciate the extra protection you give them with earplugs.

"Musicians are among the people most affected by hearing loss," says our Director of Professional Practice, MJ DeSousa. "Their ears get more use than just about anyone else."

Check out this article discussing how hearing protection is critical for student musicians.

Here is a great video of a kid practicing the drums (Rush cover) with hearing protection. Protect your ears kids!

Earplugs are easy to find in any of our clinics and most pharmacies or drug stores. They are reasonably priced and do an effective job of protecting hearing. But for musicians in your life who may have already incurred some hearing damage, a consultation at Connect Hearing could also be something worth suggesting during the holidays. The consultations are part of complimentary hearing screenings at the 112 clinics across the country.

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