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Top 5 Jobs for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Some jobs are really hard – on your ears.

We have always encouraged people to take advantage of our free hearing tests at locations across the country. But depending on what you do for a living, getting your hearing tested may be more important than ever.Jobs that can cause hearing loss

Five dangerous occupations for hearing are:

Military: A major contributor to noise-induced hearing loss is combat and low-flying aircraft. Even during times of peace, soldiers work with loud equipment and weapons.

Agriculture: A tractor can make noise up to 112 decibels, crop dusting aircraft can generate 116 decibels and combines up to 105 decibels.  According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, one in three American farmers has some level of noise-induced hearing loss. However, that estimate is considered conservative and research suggests that nearly seventy-five percent of farmers have some level of hearing loss.

Entertainment and Nightlife: Neil Young, Ozzy Osbourne and Phil Collins all live with hearing loss. Doormen, bartenders, and security personnel are also exposed to loud music.

Construction, Carpentry and Mining: According to,the hammer drill tool registers at nearly 115 decibels. With these dangerous decibel levels, ear protection is a must.

Dentistry: You may not think the dental office would be a problem. But the US Department of Labour says, “Any workers exposed to noise levels in excess of 85 decibels are at risk,” meaning dental professionals should use protective hearing devices. A recently published study recommends that dentists should use hearing protection even when exposed to noise levels below what is usually recommended for the wearing of hearing protection: 

Here is an informative video on Noise Induced Hearing Loss:

Whatever your profession, remember to always take care of your hearing health. To stay connected to sounds and people you love, visit a Connect Hearing clinic for a complimentary hearing test.

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