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5 Ear-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

Are you looking for ear-friendly gifts for the holidays?Ear-Friendly Gift Ideas

The National Institute on Deafness says 26 million Americans have hearing loss that may have been caused by exposure to loud sounds at work or during leisure activities.

Check out these five gift ideas that will help protect your hearing this holiday season:

Hiking Shoes:

Imagine a relaxing walk on a beautiful nature trail. We suggest checking out one of Canada’s beautiful national parks!

Board Games:

Not every game has to have a joystick or loud speaker attached to it. Games like Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders will create wonderful moments.


A slow-paced afternoon skating at a local rink surrounded by family and friends. That is quintessential Canada.

Meditation Cushion: 

Finding a few moments during the day to turn the world off for a few minutes is something we all can benefit from. Several examples online, including this one on

4Ears Campaign:

We are offering free hearing tests at all our clinics across Canada. Until December 31, we will make a donation through our 4Ears campaign to provide hearing health care to children in support of the Hear the World Foundation whenever anyone receives a hearing test. 

Now if you ask us, 4Ears is truly the ultimate ear-friendly Christmas gift!

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