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5 More Ways to Protect Your Child’s Hearing

This month, as Canadians are rushing Back to School, we have been discussing ways to ensure hearing health for children. Our tips and advice are meant to ensure all aspects of kids' health isProtect Kids Hearing considered as the new school year starts.

Last week, we listed some practices to help children's audio functions remain healthy. Now, here are 5 More Ways to Protect Your Children's Hearing:

1. Seek Medical Consultation

If you suspect your child may be suffering from hearing-health issues, visit your family physician immediately. Your doctor will be able to test your child's hearing as well as recommend specialist follow-up should a hearing problem be suspected.

2. Download an App

Numerous apps are available for the iPhone and other smartphones that will give you the decibel level of any sound. Download one of these apps that is compatible with your device and test it to see if noises your child routinely encounters are at an unacceptable decibel level. Then take steps to ensure those noises are encountered less and less frequently.

3. Listen With Them

How do you know if the music, movies and video games your children are enthralled with are too loud? One good way to tell is to listen with them. There's the added benefit of bonding time and, hey, maybe you'll become a Justin Bieber fan, too.

4. Listen to Them

As parents and paediatricians know, children are not always forthcoming when it comes to speaking about things that are bothering them. If your child has hearing loss, he or she may feel peculiar and shy about discussing it. Routine conversations about all aspects of their health and their lives may help you detect if something is amiss.

5. Give Them Proper Head Protection

Whether it's noise-dampening headphones, earmuffs to protect against the cold, or a helmet for physical activities, proper headgear is key to helping your children stay connected to the sounds and people they love.

And remember hearing protection isn't just for kids. Book a free hearing test for yourself today at Connect Hearing.

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