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5 Things You Don’t Know About Hearing Aids

How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids are electronic devices invented to amplify sound for the user. Predecessors to the hearing aid included tools called ear horns, which would be held up to the inner ear and capture the sound in a funnel. These days, the devices are increasingly more complex.Hearing Aid Facts

Many hearing aids are created after a mold of the intended user's ear is taken. The mold is most often made of silicon and hardened in an oven. The electrical parts, along with a volume control, speaker and microphone, are attached to the silicon mold.

Once a battery is added, the device can be tested on the client to gauge the improvement in their hearing and to make any final adjustments.

The microphone is used to pick up sounds and turn them into an electrical signal. That signal is relayed to the amplifier, which increases the sound and sends it electronically to a speaker attached to the hearing aid. The hearing aid speaker takes the electrical signal and sends it to the brain in a series of electronic impulses that the brain is able to detect as sound.

5 Things You Don't Know About Hearing Aids

1. They're Stylish

Hearing aids are far from the clunky eyesores most people associate them with. They've become stylish additions to the wardrobe of their users. Some designs even make them fashion accessories. Visit a Connect Hearing clinic to browse the latest versions of these increasingly high-tech devices.

2. They're Worn by Young People

With the amount of noise-induced hearing loss increasing at a rapid rate around the world, the number of young people using hearing aids is changing the perception that hearing loss is a condition that affects only the elderly. In fact, a study by researchers in the United States has shown that 12.5% of children between the ages of six and 19 years of age suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. Many of them will require hearing aids in their 30s or 40s to ensure they stay connected to the sounds and people they love.

3. They're Rich in Clarity

Hearing aids had turned off Wayne Stewart, a Connect Hearing client, because they were too Stylish Hearing Aidsaggravating. The feedback from the devices was atrocious in earlier models, but Stewart of Kelowna, British Columbia, reports that he has discovered the joy of hearing again thanks to technological advancements in hearing aids in recent years. "This set I have now is worlds apart from what I had before. They're super comfortable and there are no feedback problems at all. The difference it's made has been unbelievable," he says.

4. They're Easy to Maintain

Some hearing aids require such little care that you only need to change the battery in them once or twice a year. For devices implanted into the inner ear, a hearing-health practitioner can easily change batteries or fix other maintenance problems during a scheduled visit.

5. There's One That's Right for You

Hearing aids come in a variety of budget choices, styles, and options to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Book a complimentary hearing test now and discover more about these marvellous little inventions that can return so much quality of life to you.

Not Your Grandmother's Hearing Aids

Remember hearing aids that appeared like a gray, bulky scotch tape dispenser? Those chunks of shame are gone. They've been replaced by a range of high-tech, sleek, and attractive designs that Old Hearing Aidswill make you feel downright fashionable when you put them on.

In an interview with the Daily Mail of London, England, British television star Rula Lenska divulged she wears hearing aids — a surprise to many since they're not even visible.

'I don't even know I've got them in,' she told the newspaper. 'And I challenge anyone to be able to tell, even when I've got my hair up."

Lenska, in her mid-60s, is a star of Coronation Street, the popular British TV series. She affirmed that hearing aids have returned a sense of youthfulness as she re-discovered many sounds she had forgotten. 'They are little miracles of technology and they are getting better and better,' she says of the devices.

Book a complimentary hearing test now and see these 21st century hearing aids for yourself at a Connect Hearing clinic near you.

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