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5 Ways to Protect Your Children’s Hearing

With Canada in the midst of Back to School fever, we thought we would provide useful tips to make sure you don't overlook your kids' hearing health as your household gears up for the new school year.

Here are 5 Ways to Protect Your Children's Hearing:

1. Give Guidance on Earplug Use

Don't just give your kids earplugs. You know what can happen with small tiny objects. Make sure you show them how, when and why to insert them.

2. Clean Their Ears

Swipe behind the ears and on the outside of them, but don't swab inside the ear canal. Make this a daily routine if it isn't already.

3. Instil a Love of Silence

Whether it's loud music or loud movies or loud video games, there is way too much in our world that is loud. Teach your kids to embrace quieter moments and indulge in those activities with them.

4. Maintain a Good Diet

Like many conditions, hearing loss can be limited with a healthy diet. Proper nutrition helps the body fight off ailments that can lead to hearing loss in children, including the measles and mumps.

5. Limit Use of Personal Headsets

Older children are attached to their earbud headphones and personal headsets as if they were another appendage. Overuse of those devices, however, is the chief reason why noise-induced hearing loss among teenagers is spiking around the world.

And remember hearing protection isn't just for kids. Book a free hearing test for yourself today at Connect Hearing.

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