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American Girl Presents Dolls with Hearing Aids



One of our Hearing Professionals sent me this link last week and I though since we are almost at that time of year for gift ideas I though I would share it on our blog. What a great gift idea for the doll collector in your family - a special version of an American Girl Doll that can wear hearing aids.

Check out the Hearing Aid Doll here.

The American Girl Doll Hospital is a service provided by the company so people can send in their dolls to get "healed" by a team of doctors.

The most recent additions to this line include:

  • a wellness visit where your doll is refreshed and cleaned up
  • Ear piercing
  • Dolls with no hair
  • Dolls with hearing aids

Obviously we were pretty impressed with a company that would offer a doll that can wear hearing aids. Of particular interest was the possible ability to use the doll as a teaching instrument when performing pediatric tests.

How do you get this doll you ask? Well, here is a cute video of a girl walking you through the process to get your doll "fitted" with hearing aids.

Keep checking back to the blog for other great gift ideas as we lead up to the holidays and don't forget if you or someone you know is dealing with hearing loss, book a complimentary hearing screening and two-week hearing aid trial before the holidays and stay connected to the sounds you love.



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