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Ask the Hearing Expert - How Can a Musician Protect Their Hearing?

I would like to thank Stephanie MacLeod, B.A. Psych. M.SC. Aud (C), our Registered Audiologist based in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia for tackling another one of our "Ask the Hearing Expert" posts.

Stephanie, as a musician, how can I protect my hearing?

Musicians hear their music at a safer level without distortion if they wear specially designed custom earplugs called ER-15s or ER-25s.  The ER-15s are recommended for rock, blues and classical musicians and the ER-25s for drummers.  The two factors affecting hearing loss are the intensity of the music and the exposure time. Prolonged exposure to 85 decibels or greater will cause a permanent hearing loss over time. A qualified hearing professional can take ear impressions for Musicians Earplugs after doing a baseline hearing test.  If music is your life, protect your hearing!

Here is a great video that expands on Stephanie's answer:


Now this is great advice for any musician!

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