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Getting Your Hearing Checked More Important Than Checking Your Smartphone

Getting Your Hearing Checked More Important Than Checking Your SmartphoneConnect Hearing Better Hearing Month

Connect Hearing challenges Canadians during Better Hearing Month

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VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA (May 6, 2015) — Have you heard?  May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and according to Connect Hearing, there is no better time to have your hearing checked.  Canada’s largest network of hearing health professionals is challenging Canadians to make hearing health a priority.

“People put so many things ahead of their hearing health, yet hearing is one of our most important senses,” says Jon Waterhouse, Connect Hearing’s Manager of Professional Practice. “Think of all the things we check often, our weight, our blood pressure, our smartphones! Why is it that so many people take their hearing for granted?”

Studies show that after detecting a hearing loss, people wait an average of 7 years before seeking help. It’s typical for a person with hearing loss, upon being fitted with hearing aids, to express their astonishment and joy upon hearing the simple sounds of everyday life that they hadn’t realized they were missing.

 “There are so many great sounds that we sometimes take for granted – like amazing conversations, giggles from our kids, and the music we love.
Can you imagine life without them?,” says Waterhouse. “So during Better Hearing and Speech Month, we are urging Canadians to give us a call, or visit a clinic and get their hearing checked! It can and does change people’s lives for the better.”

Waterhouse explains that a hearing test helps to identify when hearing aids should be considered to help improve hearing speech sounds in both quiet and noisy environments.  Because hearing loss usually happens gradually, the first hearing test is especially important for setting a baseline from which changes can be tracked over time. 

Like seeing your doctor or dentist annually, Connect Hearing recommends a hearing check every 12 months if you are over 55, or work in a loud environment.

About Connect Hearing

With 112 clinics across Canada, Connect Hearing is Canada’s largest network of hearing professionals. Community involvement, including the provision of complimentary hearing screenings, is at the core of Connect Hearing’s practices, which allow people to stay connected in their lives and confident in their conversations. Connect Hearing has been named one of “The Best Workplaces in Canada” in a survey of employees from companies around the nation. For more information or to find the Connect Hearing clinic closest to you, visit

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