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Blog Series #2 - 5 Reasons Why You Should Talk About Hearing Loss

Today, we are going to cover the second reason why you should talk about hearing loss with your loved one. The first reason was to improve the quality of their life and the second, as you will see is just as important.

Reason Number Two. For their safety.

Those who deal with hearing loss are at risk of failing to recognize potential dangers in their everyday lives. From oncoming vehicles to sirens and fire alarms, there are myriad signals that we often take for granted because we can hear them. For those who haven't addressed their "reduced" hearing, there is significant risk of a serious accident.

"The safety of the hearing-loss person and of those around him or her is at risk until the condition is addressed," MJ DeSousa, our Director of Professional Practice points out.

For more information take a look at  this article that talks about hearing loss safety concerns in a bit more detail.

Here is another video about strategies on how you can talk to someone about their hearing loss:

The first step when addressing hearing loss should be a screening by a qualified hearing professional. With over 110 clinics nationally, call Connect Hearing today and arrange a complimentary hearing screening.

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