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Blog Series #4 - 5 Reasons Why You Should Talk About Hearing Loss

As you are most likely aware by now, we are covering the top 5 reasons why you should speak to your friend, partner or workmate about hearing loss. We have already covered reasons one, two and three and now it is time to unveil the fourth reason in our list.

Reason Number Four. For a stronger family environment.

Activities that involve multi-generations of a family are vastly more enjoyable when the patriarchs and matriarchs in the group can fully participate.

"There are few sounds sweeter to a grandparents' ear than the giggles and first words of a grandchild," MJ says. "With adequate intervention to prevent or curtail hearing loss, there is no reason why that thrill should ever be taken away."

Here is an interesting article and video from the US National Council on Aging that features a couple of testimonials and the importance of taking care of your hearing health, if not for yourself than for your family.

Also, here is our own Director of Professional Practice MJ DeSousa talking about the importance of getting your hearing tested sooner than later.

If you have any questions or want to book an appointment with one of our hearing professionals to discuss someone's hearing loss click here to find a clinic close to you.

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