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Blog Series #5 - 5 Reasons Why You Should Talk About Hearing Loss

This entire week we have already covered the top 4 reasons why we think you should talk to someone you care about if you notice they are dealing with hearing loss. Flashback!

Reason Number One. To improve their quality of life.

Reason Number Two. For their safety.

Reason Number Three. Because treatment works.

Reason Number Four. For a stronger family environment.

Today, in our final post of this series we cover what I personally think is the most important reason...

Reason Number Five. Because you want to.

Studies show that Canadians and Americans want to discuss the hearing loss of their loved ones but are unsure how to go about raising the topic. Finding the courage is the first step in taking action.

Approximately 7 million Canadians are dealing with some level of hearing loss and 47% of adults 75 years of age or older incur hearing impairments, research shows.

According to a recently released report by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and the American Speech-Language Association (ASHA), close to 70% of survey respondents who have hearing loss said they would search for treatment if a loved one requested they do so.

"When we see a loved one in need, all of us are going to do what it takes to help. It's a natural human instinct — except when it comes to hearing loss. It's an area of human health that is difficult for people to discuss because it may seem embarrassing to bring up, but that's far from the truth," MJ says. "All of the research on the subject shows that our loved ones are more likely to take action to address their hearing health if the issue is raised by a concerned relative or friend."

Here is a good article from the Better Hearing Institute about helping loved ones deal with hearing loss - the right way.

Click on the video below for some final tips when getting ready to speak to a loved one about their hearing loss:

If you have been reading our posts all week you have probably come to realize there are a ton of resources out there to help you with ways to talk to someone about their hearing loss. My recommendation  would be to talk to one of our hearing professionals. Join your friend or partner and book an appointment to find out more about hearing loss and what the benefits would be if you take the time to address it immediately.

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