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Blog Series - Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Talk About Hearing Loss

Parents have trouble talking to their kids about sex and, as time goes on, kids have trouble talking to parents about hearing loss. The reasons for the shyness about these subjects are the same — we don't want to point out changes occurring in another person's body that he or she hasn't come to terms with. But where love or friendship is involved, no topic is out of bounds.

"When we find the courage to discuss hearing loss with those dearest to us, the better off they will be and it's very likely our relationship with them will be stronger," says M.J. DeSousa, our Director of Professional Practice.

Check out this public service announcement - "Speak Up About Hearing Loss" recently launched in the U.S.

To help people break the silence on hearing loss, Connect Hearing has created a blog series on discussing the topic. In the first of an ongoing series about how to communicate about hearing loss with a loved one, we tell you 5 reasons why you should bring up the topic.

Reason Number One. To improve their quality of life.

The loss of hearing is similar as the absence of eyesight or any other of the five senses.

"By making the hearing health of our parents and grandparents a priority, we not only improve our chances of staying connected to them, we help them stay connected to the activities that bring enjoyment to their lives," MJ says.

When we communicate with people suffering from hearing loss, we tend to address their condition rather than themselves. Speaking directly in front of someone and from a distance of no more than 6 feet is one of the best ways to communicate. However, such constraints on communication can be detrimental to a relationship over time and can cause stress within their social circles. That isn't a situation you want your partner or friend to have to deal with.

Tune in tomorrow as we explore the second reason in our series on why you should talk about hearing loss. In the meantime if you have any questions contact a Connect Hearing professional today. We can help you with communication strategies when discussing hearing loss with your partner, friend, colleague or parent.

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