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Hearing Health Blog

Hearing Health Blog
I am 26 years old, a Doctor of Audiology, and hard of hearing. I wear a hearing aid and a cochlear implant. My hearing loss does not stop me from achieving anything I wish to achieve.
Dr. Jacqueline Drexler is an Audiologist with Sonova and is currently working with Connect Hearing Canada at their head offices in Victoria, BC. She was diagnosed with hearing loss before the age of 2 years old and was fitted with hearing aids shortly after. She is also a recent recipient of a… Read More
Why won't you get your hearing checked? Why many Canadians wait 7 years to act on hearing loss
May is Better Hearing Month and at Connect Hearing we felt that this was a good time to ask Canadians a very important question. Why won’t you get your hearing checked?Perhaps you’ve asked or been asked this question before – and you’re not alone. There are almost 4 million people… Read More
Connect Hearing Welcomes New Clients
We are rolling out the red carpet starting March 31st as we welcome new clients being moved from a number of mall based hearing centres in Ontario, BC and Alberta.As a result of a mutually agreed partnership end, we have already started the process of contacting these clients to let them know… Read more...
The Power Of Music - Connect Hearing Canada
Music is like the key to our souls: It directly affects our mood and our emotions. It can make us laugh and cry, make us dance, give us goosebumps and yet also help us to sleep. But what exactly is music? What's behind this phenomenon that nobody can resist and which is as old as mankind… Read more...
The Perfect Experience
Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch: Our senses guide us along our path through the labyrinth of life. Each one of them is wonderful and indispensable in its own way. But it is only through their perfect interaction that their true strength becomes apparent: If we experience something with all… Read more...
Phonak Audeo B-R Rechargeable Hearing Aid at Connect Hearing Canada
There's good news for Canadians dealing with the challenges of hearing loss. Phonak, a leading global provider of hearing instruments and wireless communication solutions has launched the next generation hearing aid product platform Belong, which includes pioneering lithium-ion rechargeable battery… Read more...
Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked
October 1st was International Day of Older Persons and National Seniors Day, and Connect Hearing Canada is hoping senior citizens from coast to coast will take this opportunity to make their hearing health a priority.It can be easier said than done. Senior citizens have proven time and again that… Read More
Canadian Basketball Sensation Tamara Tatham Praises Lyric Hearing Aids
Canadian basketball sensation Tamara Tatham has faced some big battles on the court.Born in Brampton Ontario and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Tatham has represented Canada at the London Olympics and in Toronto at the Pan Am Games in 2015, where she helped Canada win a gold… Read more...
Can Hearing Loss Be Reversible?
If you love Marvel Comics and have read Spider-Man then you've heard of "The Lizard".Known as Dr. Curtis Connors, The Lizard was an army medic who lost his arm in combat and had dreams of naturally growing it back using an experimental serum taken from reptilian DNA. The birth of the Lizard – a… Read more...
National Men's Health Week - Time to Take Action
More men than ever are becoming aware of their health and making life saving decisions. National Men's Health Week, which takes place June 13-19, 2016, is one reason why men are taking notice.The purpose of Men’s Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and… Read more...

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