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CAA Recognizes Connect Hearing Canada

We are honoured that the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has recognized Connect Hearing Canada for “outstanding product quality and for adding value to the CAA membership.”Connect Hearing CAA National Partner of the Year

Connect Hearing and Trafalgar received Partner of the Year Awards from the business lines of Rewards and Travel, respectively. 

“Trafalgar and Connect Hearing embody everything CAA looks for in business partners,” said Jeff Walker, Chief Strategy Officer, CAA National. “Their commitment to providing value and high customer satisfaction to our members has earned them this year’s most prestigious awards.”

For us, providing outstanding quality, value and support is nothing new — and for good reason. Being a healthcare provider means we are responsible for Canadians' well being and play a role in ensuring they stay connected to the sounds they love. With approximately 3 million Canadians suffering from hearing loss, we feel it is vital that we provide quality service that's innovative and dependable. 

This is just one reason why we provides free hearing tests at all our locations across Canada — to ensure that hearing health is a priority and that the public has access to the best care, quality and support.

We want to thank CAA for this prestigious award. And we want to thank all of you for caring about your hearing.

Connect Hearing is pleased to offer exclusive benefits to CAA Members nationwide. Find out more about how you can save with discounts on hearing aids, everyday listening products and more:

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