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Hearing FAQs

There are several known causes of hearing loss, including genetics, medications and noise exposure. The latter is preventable if care is taken to wear hearing protection in noisy environments. Check out this short video as MJ DeSousa explains the common causes of hearing loss, and what you can do… Read More
Detecting and treating hearing loss early is important for both physical and emotional well-being. MJ DeSousa, Connect Hearing's Director of Professional Practice, explains:Are you ready to take the first step? Book an appointment for a hearing test today, and stay connected to the sounds that… Read More
A hearing screening is a simple pass-fail evaluation, often performed outside a hearing clinic. A variety of tools may be used, from a tablet with headphones to a portable audiometer or even a questionnaire. The person who conducts the screening will be a qualified hearing professional. He or she… Read More
Tinnitus (pronounces tih-NITE-us or TIN-ih-tus) is the perception of sound where there is no corresponding external cause of the sound. Most people describe their tinnitus as a "ringing in the ears". However, the experience of tinnitus has been described by up to 50 different sounds… Read More
You may have noticed that you have trouble understanding people when they're speaking to you, or that it often seems like people are mumbling. You may also find that soft voices, high-pitched voices and childrens voices are the most difficult to understand. View this short video as Connect… Read More
Have you ever listened to the loud, long beep of your television during a national emergency alert system test?The good news about this annoying, yet necessary test is that it only lasts a few seconds and then before you know it, you're back to watching "The Big Bang Theory."Now imagine you… Read more...
At Connect Hearing, we conduct hundreds of complimentary hearing tests a day. With more than 112 clinics across Canada, we are the nation's leading network of hearing-health offices. When booking a hearing test, many of our clients often ask us what is involved in the process."A hearing test is… Read more...

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