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Classic Rockers Prove You Can Roll On Despite Hearing Damage





Classic Rockers Prove You Can Roll On Despite Hearing Damage

Connect Hearing profiles stars like Ozzy and Neil Young who battle tinnitus

Victoria, B.C. (June 7, 2012) — Ozzy Osbourne, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Jeff Beck.

A who's who of rock 'n roll, but also among the most famous seniors who have incurred hearing loss. Osbourne, for one, has said there is a constant ringing in his ears — a complication of tinnitus, a common and painful condition of hearing-loss suffers.

The former lead singer of heavy-metal pioneers Black Sabbath and an even larger cultural icon because of the reality-TV series that surrounded his family, Osbourne is a staunch advocate of hearing-loss prevention and is among the rock stars who will be profiled on Connect Hearing's blog this month.

"June is Senior Month and rather than focus on the dour aspects of aging and hearing loss, we thought it would be cool to showcase those prominent members of society who have faced their hearing loss, taken the necessary measures to best deal with it and helped to promote hearing health for younger generations," says MJ DeSousa, Director of Professional Practice at Connect Hearing. "Many rock stars in their sixties and older remain young at heart, living with as much vitality as ever, and staying connected to their family, friends and fans, despite suffering from hearing damage. Some of them are great examples that hearing loss can be effectively combated."

The Connect Hearing series on rock stars begins with 63-year-old Osbourne, who laments, "Should have worn ear plugs, I guess." With more and more young people suffering from hearing damage, Osbourne has dedicated himself to campaigning for better awareness and prevention of tinnitus and other ailments. To read the full article, visit the Connect Hearing blog.

Others scheduled to be profiled include Young and Clapton, as well as one notable young star, 35-year-old Chris Martin of Coldplay who revealed in May that he is battling tinnitus.

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