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Connect Hearing Engages with Other Great Places to Work

What makes a workplace great?Connect Hearing Best Place to Work believes that every company can be a great workplace, and their mandate is to make that dream a reality.

For Connect Hearing Canada, we have been able to share in that dream on two occasions.

  • In 2011, Connect Hearing was ranked 49th in the Best Workplaces in Canada category.
  • The following year we did it again – this time being chosen 45th in Best Large Workplaces in Canada.

Many factors go into determining what makes an outstanding workplace. says on its website “The Great Place to Work® Institute Culture Audit© enables experts to assess a workplace from the management perspective, study the practices and programs offered by your organization, and identify gaps that may exist between how your employees experience the workplace and your practices and programs.”

At Connect Hearing, this is just business as usual. Our goal is to educate Canadians on issues of hearing safety and bring awareness about hearing loss. For us a key ingredient to a great working environment is a safe working environment, and this is something that every member of Connect Hearing has adopted to heart. Connect Hearing has written extensively about workplace hearing safety and continues to stress to the public the importance of becoming engaged in the debate.

“I believe one reason why we have been noticed by Great Place to Work, and why our expertise in workplace safety is so highly respected, is because our team has really bought into the message,” says Sandra Fulton, VP of Operations and HR at Connect Hearing. “We work tirelessly to promote hearing health, safety and awareness. We’re a family at Connect Hearing and we work together extremely well to bring other families together through healthy hearing.”

According to the Hearing Foundation of Canada, the cost of hearing loss to the Canadian economy could be in the tens of billions of dollars. A 2006 Australian study estimated that costs to that nation’s economy from hearing loss amounted to CAD$10.6 billion per year. On a per-capita basis, this could mean a Canadian equivalent of almost $18 billion per year. 

Statistics Canada says hearing loss is one of the fastest-growing phenomena related to aging in Canada. In 2002, more than one million Canadians reported having hearing problems, representing 50% more cases than for people who experience vision problems. In 2012, this number tripled to more than three million Canadians, according to Statistics Canada.

Statistics like these are one reason why we take the issue so seriously and encourage people to come in for a free hearing test at one of our clinics, which are located across the country.

The Great Place to Work Canada Annual Conference is scheduled to take place April 15-16, 2014 at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto.

Guest Speakers will include Bruce Croxon, known for his appearance on CBC'Connect Hearing Great Places to Work 2014s "Dragon’s Den"; Sabrina Geremia, Managing Director of Integrated Solutions at Google Canada; and Nicolas Burquier, President and General Manager of KFC Canada.

“We’re really looking forward to being at the conference,” Fulton says. “It’s an opportunity for us to engage with other great places to work, but it’s also a wonderful chance to hear three outstanding speakers discussing topics that affect all of us in the workplace.”

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