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Connect Hearing Top 10 Tips for Healthy Summer Hearing

With the summer quickly approaching and many people across the country are enjoying the warmer weather, we are releasing our list of Top 10 Hearing Health Tips for Summer.

"Hearing loss affects more than 3 million Canadians. Statistics show that hearing loss is also affecting younger and younger Canadians, because of the excessive noise levels many of us encounter on a daily basis. With construction and outdoor activities picking up, the time to take precautions is now," says MJ DeSousa, our Director of Professional Practice.

Here are some suggestions to protect your hearing health this summer:

1. Ear Protection for Canada Day fireworks
The celebratory blasts are candy for the eyes but can be aches for the ears. Be sure to carry earplugs or noise-dampening headphones when taking in the festivities.

2. Weed Out Bad Habits in the Garden
Gardening is a big activity at this time of year and power tools are one of the most prevalent devices. They're also hazards to hearing health. Whether they are weed whackers or lawnmowers, be sure to wear proper ear protection when using them.

3. Beware Stanley Cup Fever
Even though there are no more Canadian teams left in the playoffs, people still like to gather at sports bars at this time of year to see the chase for the Stanley Cup. Take a long a set of earplugs to be sure you're not shut out of the sounds you love in the future.

4. Music Matters
Summer music festivals and concert tours swing into full effect as the weather heats up. That means sweet sounds but also stress for the ears. Take precautions before you head to the venue. These include carrying earplugs and noise-dampening headphones, as well as avoiding standing next to the loud speakers at the side of the stage.

5. Avoid Construction
Construction noise ramps up during the warm weather and you should be aware of where the most building activity is in your city. If you walk to work, take routes that circumvent the noisiest parts of the city.

6. Watch Out When You Golf
Golfers should be aware that the titanium ping their drivers create when they tee off is a boom that can damage their hearing. Proper protection for their ears is necessary when striking the ball.

7. Wear a Helmet
Head injuries, such as concussions, are more likely to occur in the summer because Canadians are more active, playing sports and cycling. Be sure to wear a helmet if you're cycling, and to get your hearing checked if you should get in an accident.

8. Keep Your Distance
The great Canadian road trip can lead to some aggravating encounters with loud noises, whether they be trucks or motorcycles. In such circumstances, it's best to keep a safe distance, both for your vehicle's safety and your own hearing health.

9. Boat with Care
Boating is an activity that is one of the most enjoyable in summer. However, it is also a dangerous one for the ears, as motors can often exceed the threshold of acceptable noise levels. Remain cautious and cover your ears when the boat is in high gear.

10. Check Your Hearing Health
We offer complimentary hearing tests at all of our clinics across the country. It is the surest way to make sure you remain connected to the sounds you love.

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