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Connect Hearing’s Latest Contest Winner is Eager for New Hearing Aids and The Freedom They Give

Bruno Con Sonego figures life in his single-storey home on Red Lake in North Western Ontario will soon become more quiet — and pleasant.

Con Sonego is the winner of the Connect Hearing "Stay Connected to the Sounds of Your Life Contest," sponsored by CAA. His entry was chosen randomly from among thousands sent in from across Canada. The Grand Prize is a pair of hearing aids valued at up to $5,000 and enrolment in Connect Hearing's Soundcare Assurance program that includes complimentary maintenance and a warranty for three years.

"This will certainly improve my life in the living room here with my wife, because I have a wireless headphone set so I can listen to the TV without disturbing her," Con Sonego says. "So I can get rid of that unit now, I think."

Without that headset, Con Sonego says he would have to turn the television volume "up to 50, and my wife would want it at 30. She can hear fine at that setting, but I can't." The headset makes him feel isolated and is hopeful the hearing aids will foster more togetherness.

The resident of Balmertown, a tiny municipality 530 kilometres north west of Thunder Bay, spent 30 years working as a senior buyer at one of Ontario's largest gold mines. His role wasn't in the industrial operations, so he isn't sure how he incurred hearing damage.

"I don't know why I have hearing loss to be truthful. I worked most of my life in a local warehouse in the gold mine here. It wasn't in the mine itself. The noise level was not that extreme," he points out.

Con Sonego entered the contest, which ran from February 1 to April 15, after he saw it advertised in a CAA magazine. He has been a member of CAA since 2005, and appreciates the sense of security the organization provides.

In terms of his hearing loss, he says he has difficulty with mid-range sounds and is frustrated with the fact he needs people to often repeat themselves.

"The maddening part is every time you have to say, 'Pardon me,' because you didn't hear the person. I do that quite a bit, or the other thing is to do what most people with hearing loss do, which is usually smile and pretend they heard what was said."

Years ago, he tried hearing aids but was unhappy with the results, saying high-pitched tones caused irritation and discomfort. But he is very much looking forward to testing out Connect Hearing's products.

"I like the fact that I am going to hear people talking again," he says.

Connect Hearing is Canada's largest network of hearing professionals. If you or someone you know is dealing with hearing loss call 1.800.563.4327 or click here to book a complimentary appointment today.

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