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Calling All Curlers: Is Crowd Noise Affecting Your Hearing?

Curlers love their cheering crowd, cow bells, whistles, drums and horns. But can fan support get too loud?

“We use a general guideline: if you’re at arm’s length and have to shout to be heard it’s too loud,” says Hearing Instrument Practitioner, Jon Waterhouse from the Connect Hearing Nanaimo clinic.  “Your ears ringing, hurting or difficulty hearing for several hours after the game is your body’s way of letting you know the sound level was too high.”

Because prolonged exposure at high levels can lead to hearing loss we recommend carrying foam ear plugs in a pocket or purse. Fit snugly into the outer ear canal, they can block excessive noise so hearing is protected.

As a Gold sponsor of the 2013 Combined Masters Provincial Playdowns event from March 5-8 in Nanaimo, BC, we’re leading up to the event with local hearing education and complimentary hearing screenings. It’s a great chance to speak people who are involved in a sport they love that also actively involves hearing. We want them to enjoy every “Hurry hard!”, from the sound of the first rock to the hammer.

Watch this video for a quick lesson in curling from the folks at the Nanaimo Curling Centre. Hope to see you at the event!

For more information about the event visit or phone Brian at 250.758.9569.

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