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Debunking More Hearing Loss Myths

Do you know anybody who may be suffering from hearing loss but always has the same old excuse not to do something about it? Take a look at these popular hearing loss myths and learn the true facts behind these statements.

"If someone’s hearing loss is really bad, nothing can help it."

Unless someone is experiencing complete deafness, hearing loss can be effectively managed . Approximately 95% of people with a sensorineural hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids.

“It won’t hurt if I put off doing something about my hearing for a year or two.”

Yes, it will. Generally, once damage to the ear is done, it cannot be reversed. If you already have some signs of hearing loss, a visit to a hearing professional can provide you with suggestions and solutions to prevent further damage and preserve the hearing that you still have.
Studies have shown that people who manage their hearing loss have half the number of visits to doctors and enjoy better social, emotional, and physical well being.

Here is a video from CBS News encouraging people to get hearing tests at an earlier age.

At Connect Hearing we encourage everyone to get their hearing tested on a regular basis, especially if you are over 50. The earlier you can identify hearing loss the greater chance you have of managing it effectively.

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