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Edmonton Hearing Health Specialist Loves to Make a Difference

One of the Connect Hearing clinics that is diligently promoting hearing health and hearing safety is in Edmonton. Located at 11910 111 Ave. NW #107, this Alberta clinic is where HSue Metzger Connect Hearing Edmontonearing Instrument Practitioner Susan Metzger works every day to serve and inform Edmontonians.

Metzger came to Connect Hearing in September 2010 and has been a hearing-health specialist since 2008. When we asked what most interests her about her job she didn’t hesitate, saying it was the people — she loved helping people improve their hearing.

Metzger says it has never been more important for Canadians to get involved and learn more about hearing. According to a Statistics Canada report,

1,266,120 of Canadians aged 15 and older reported having a hearing limitation. Among hearing limitations, over eight in 10 (83.2%) were mild in nature, while the remaining 16.8% were classified as severe.

We spoke to Metzger about her clinic in Edmonton, her job and the community that she enjoys so much.

Connect Hearing (CH): Since you've been with Connect Hearing, what has been the most rewarding or inspiring interaction you've had with a client? 

Susan Metzger: I recently fit a client who has been wearing standard hearing aids for years with the Lyric hearing Aid by Phonak.

After I had inserted the Lyric and turned them on, the client began to tear up with happiness. I felt so lucky to have been able to experience this with the client. I have also had this experience with standard hearing aids on clients who have been without hearing for years. I love their reaction as they hear speech clearly after many years of straining to hear.  

CH: How has working at Connect Hearing changed your understanding of hearing health and the importance of maintaining hearing health? 

Metzger: I love that Connect Hearing follows up with clients and reminds them to come in for their annual tests and reprogramming. This keeps us in touch with the client and their needs. I also love the two-week trial. Letting clients experience better hearing at no risk emphasizes that we really care about their hearing. We are not a company that just sells hearing aids and then forgets. Connect Hearing really does care about the client.

CH: Connect Hearing has been named one of Canada's greatest places to work. What makes Connect Hearing stand out, in your opinion? 

Metzger: Great communication between dispensers and head office. Also, we’re always moving forward — with an emphasis on the client.

CH: What recent innovation in hearing health most excites you and why? 

Metzger: Lyric. And, client feedback on the new hearing aids.  Experienced hearing-aid users are giving good feedback on the new technology. The clarity in hearing aids is better. We have a lot of happy customers.

CH: Similarly, what product do you most recommend to Connect Hearing clients, and why? 

Metzger: It’s really a matter of finding the right hearing aid for that particular client. I don’t have a favourite hearing aid. Price point is sometimes a factor when dealing with seniors on fixed incomes, so finding the right hearing aid that works well for that client is important.

CH: What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Metzger: I am a first time grandma. My granddaughter is just about 4 months old. I spend a lot of my free time at my daughter’s house and I love spending time with my whole family, but I really am crazy about my new grandchild. I ski in the winter and golf in the summer — I’m bad at both. We also have a lake lot about one hour west of Edmonton. We spend a lot of time at the lake.

CH: For people who haven't been to your community, what can you tell them about it? And what are your favourite things to do or favourite places to go in your community? 

Metzger: The Edmonton river valley is a great way to get outside in summer and winter. There are lots of music festivals in the summer in Edmonton which Greg and I attend. And of course we are at the lake as much as possible. 

From coast to coast at Connect Hearing, our doors are always open.

One way that we make a difference in the fight to promote hearing health and safety is by letting the public know that they are always welcome to visit any of our clinics for a free hearing test.

By taking advantage of this test, people are able to get a clear picture of their hearing health from a caring expert like Metzger.

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