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Featured Hearing Aid of the Month - Unitron Moxi

There are so many hearing aid brands out there  I thought I would take some time to highlight one of our most popular models…The Unitron Moxi™!

The evolution of hearing aid technology has been nothing short of amazing and this is especially true when looking at the Moxi™.

Powered by Era™, the new sound processing platform from Unitron, the Moxi™ provides a natural listening experience while delivering high-fidelity sound in an ultra-small package. 

The Moxi™ is available in three technology levels to suit anyone with mild to severe hearing loss. Here are some features that set the Moxi™ apart from the competition:

  • High fidelity sound  and advanced speech clarity in challenging listening situations
  • Binaural phone enhancements
  • Self learning automatic setting features
  • Antishock ™ technology
  • Whistle-free technology
  • Wireless functionality to keep you connected to all your favourite devices

Click the image below to view Bryan's Moxi™ testimonial...

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the Moxi™, book a complimentary consultation with one of our hearing professionals.

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